Monday, March 17, 2008

Why Wait?

Why would we wait, Lord?

As special meetings are coming
Right around the bend
I cannot help but ask, “Why wait, Lord?”
“Wait for what,” You ask
Though the response is known
All too well to You, already.

Why would we wait
To make things right with You?
Though I know how special it is
the gift You’ve given to the man coming
I cannot help but wonder,
“Is Your man for our churches simply not good enough
to weekly shake us from our apathy and spiritual lethargy
or are we so deceived and blinded by our sin
that You must send a man
we’ve probably never known and never met
to shake us out of spiritual slumber?”
Why would we wait
when we can know the blessed joy
of walking close beside You;
having our feet washed from sin
and our consciences clean
so that we might come to these meetings
remembering Your great love
instead of remembering our great sin?

Why would we wait, Lord?

Why would we wait
to make things right with one another?
Is Your body so weak
that though we might grow individually
we don't know how to grow together in unity?
Is your Word not clear enough
that we must go to one another
regardless the size of the problem?
Is Your Word not clear
that problems, when ignored,
don’t go away, but only get worse?
Is Your grace so insufficient
that we can’t do the hard thing
of asking forgiveness
or giving forgiveness?
Is Your Love so shallow
that we’ve forgotten how to help
and come along side each other
so that we might grow together through our problems
instead of throwing the Bible
at one another in condemnation
like a 2-Ton brick?

Why would we wait, Lord?

Why would we wait
to love You with every fiber of our being
and each other as You loved us?
Why would we wait
to be renewed in the spirit of our minds?
Why would we wait
to renew our hearts and minds in you, Christ Jesus?
Why would we wait, O God
to be renewed in our minds
so that we can show the world
what is Your good, acceptable, and perfect will?
Why would we wait until the meetings
to hear such a man preach
when we can come boldly before You
to the Throne Room of Grace right now
to return in walking in newness of life
And fighting the good fight of faith?
Why would we wait
when we can do all of these things
this very moment?

Why would we wait, Lord?
Why would we wait?

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