Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Internet Fast

So, I decided the other day- after I caught myself using the expression, "If I had more time, I would...."- that it was time to evauluate how I was using my time. Obviously, writing on this blog hasn't had much time spent to it, though I do have several posts that I've been meaning to finish up. Between keeping up on other people's blogs, Facebook (though I haven't been on it much the last few days due to spending more time sleeping while fighting off a sinus infection), my own blog, and even a couple of games I play online, I realized that I spend entirely way too much time online. Actually, three days ago, I put my computer to sleep, and it didn't go out of sleep mode until I sat down to write this post. Why? Because, though I now have the MacArthur Lifeworks Library 2.0 on my computer, a slew of books that I've been in the middle of reading for almost over a year now (Jon, that would include the book I bought while helping you move last year, MacArthur's The Truth War), not to mention a book I've been writing since summer of 2005 when I did my internship in Marshall, MN, I only get on my computer when it's time to browse the internet. So, by God's grace, I'm taking a break from the internet. I know that come July 1, I may regret this decision as I go through the 80 emails that will be sitting in my email box (most of it probably from Buy.com, Amazon, or Facebook), but I think it may be worth it. When I come back to the internet, I am going to have a more healthy approach to how I spend my time on it, as I will be spending part of my new free found time making such a plan to execute. Who knows? Perhaps I'll even get some practice time in on my instrument. :-)

If you want to get a hold of me, email will be out of touch for a while. If you have my phone number, you can call. See you in a month. :-)