Thursday, May 31, 2007

Congrats to Jon and the blessings of God

Well, for those that do read this blog, you should make it a point to congratulate Jon. He's now graduated with his Master's from MBBC. He has a Master's degree before I've even completed my undergrad (given we came in together as Freshmen, this is quite hilarious to us all of us here). :-)

During Memorial Day weekend, Jon and his wife moved to MN, where he will be attending Seminary at Central Baptist Theological Seminary. Needless to say, I'm excited as his friend to see how God is going to use this next step of training in his future ministry. His aunt and uncle came over Friday morning to help us load up the truck. They've moved a few times over the years, and their experience was very helpful in making sure that we had everything packed in the truck nicely. Loading up the truck took us just under 2.5 hours. They were a great help in the process.

Mutual friends of ours who live in the apartment above Jon and his wife drove over with us to MN to help them move in, also. It was great being able to spend some time with Aaron and his wife. I haven't been able to talk with Aaron to any great depth at all in at least a year, so it was good to catch back up with him and hear about some of what God is doing in his life.

The traveling was safe. The only complaint to be had was that the cruise control on the moving truck didn't work. Otherwise, situation normal the whole way there. Certainly, this was not to be taken for granted.

We got there about an hour or so before some people were supposed to arrive from the Seminary to help us move them in. I was expecting maybe 3 or so more people to show up. Thanks to Pastor Gottzman (Jon's youth pastor back when he was a little tike) and his family, as well as the Bauders (yes, as in THE Bauders, at least his wife and their son were able to make it that afternoon, which was really cool meeting them for the first time), the Browns (Dr. Brown, if I remember rightly, teaches the practical theology classes), and the Kings, as well as a student from the Seminary named Chris, all came to help. The truck was unloaded efficiently in no more than 30 minutes. Thanks to everyone for all the help!

Last, but certainly not least, Jon's wife's best friend was there also (she and her mother attend Fourth Baptist) to help unpack (and she brought items to make rootbeer floats as refreshment was desperately needed while we unpacked). Mrs. Gottzman and one of their daughters (who attends MBBC, also) also stayed to help unpack. Jon, Aaron, and I took care of trying to get all the furniture in place, which was fun working around all the boxes. lol In all seriousness, it was a blast helping them move in. Tiring, but way better than a normal day's work!

I stayed with a family from Fourth Baptist in the evening (there was no room in the "inn"; there was barely room for the air mattress that Aaron and his wife used, from what I heard and saw the next day). The Steeles were a lot of fun getting to know. If the Symphonic Band ever goes to Fourth again before I graduate and I get to somehow pick who I can stay with, it will be a hard choice between either them or the Mohanani's. Also, thanks to Ben (a Seminary student that Jon met while on a mission's trip to Nova Scotia several years ago) and his wife for opening up their apartment to us and providing Papa Murphey's for us for dinner.

Sunday morning, we were unable to get directions to the church that Jon wanted to go to, but that was all right, because despite it's size, Fourth Baptist is one of the friendliest churches I have ever been in (Aaron and his wife drove home Sunday morning so they could be back for services here. As I didn't hear otherwise, I would assume that they were provided with uneventful travels on the way back). We were invited over for lunch with Jon's wife's friend and her mom. The chicken was very good, and I don't remember the recipe for the coleslaw, but that's some of the only coleslaw I've ever had that I liked! After lunch, we did some shopping to get a few items for the apartment, and then returned thinking about getting a small nap before church. Instead, we got right back to unpacking. Evening service at Fourth Baptist was good, also. The Bauders invited us over for ice cream afterwards, but due to tiredness and a desire to finish unpacking the 5 or so boxes that were left, we had to decline (If you're in town, I do hope to take you up on that the next time I visit, though!). When we went to bed in the evening, they were unpacked. A few items needed to be moved around before Jon and his wife would be thoroughly satisfied with their placements, but it was good enough. They had no unpacking to look forward to when they came back once his wife was done teaching.

Monday, we finished moving a few things around and drove back home. It was a gorgeous day for driving and once again, God provided us with safety coming back.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. Thanks guys for letting me tag along to help you move. I only wish I could've had some time to spend with you guys during this year that I was out of school. I will definitely have to make it a point to come and visit you (during the summers while you're not taking classes, of course). ;-)

God is good all the time. This weekend it was VERY easy to see that. Sorry for no pictures, neither of us thought to bring our cameras along (well, Jon's was there, but packed...somewhere). Hopefully we'll get some shots once they've completely moved in and gotten stuff hung up.