Saturday, March 08, 2008

Volcanic Dust Cooling?

Scientists Run Simulations on Geoengineering Project

According to this article, scientists apparently feel that the best way to keep global warming down is to simulate the cooling that volcanic eruptions create (Baumgardner's "Catastrophic Plate Tectonics Theory"- a theory for what physically happened to our earth during The Biblical World Wide Flood- proposes that volcanic ash and earth dust from the sudden moving of our earth's crust is what caused our planet's Ice Age). The article talks about using sulfate dust particles, similar to volcanic eruptions, as the means to do this. They admit that (assuming global warming does actually exist) not reducing CO2 levels in the air would still be a problem as they say it still creates more acidic oceans (that's a new one to me, and need to do some research on it).

My concern: last I checked, following volcanic eruptions tends to be what has been called "acid rain." In other words, the rain fall is not a near neutral 6.7 ph (ideally, water would be 7 ph, being completely neutral in acidic or base content). It is at least .1 ph more acidic than normal water. Now, in reality, this doesn't mean anything, but last I heard, scientists were saying that acid rain was to blame for more acidic oceans, more acidic fresh water supplies, building and historic monument erosion, etc. So, wouldn't this geoengineering project only make things worse, in the end game? Sure, it's not going to be so acidic that our flesh is melting off (thank you "Captain Planet" cartoon writers for that picture), but it's still bad, despite that our earth could be cooler. Of course, doing so could usher in the next Ice Age, too. Like the one we've been experiencing here in the Mid-West since just after Christmas, just a lot longer....

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