Monday, March 10, 2008

New Link Added

I've added a link to "Jonathan's Library" to our link bar on the right. Previously we had an RSS feed of the latest updates to Jonathan's library. The RSS feed is still located just below our links, but my Library updates will be slowing down once I get all my books entered into Google Books. Enjoy.


Jonathan said...

By the way... Noah! You need to add your books to Google Books.

Noah said...

lol You see the post I started and had to leave as a draft. With what time? lol No, no, I hear you. That would be cool to do. Did I see you had McArthur's "The Truth War" on your list? That is the book I bought while at your house when you guys moved out there (my excursion to Border's with that 5 year old gift card while you guys were in Bed, Bath, and Beyond). Need to finish it. In the middle of reading that, and another book. Wrote a little more to my book today, also. Only two chapters left to go before it's full written! Yay!