Thursday, April 24, 2008


I don't know who all actually reads this blog besides Jon and myself, but if any of you have been at MBBC or are familiar with its faculty, you will know of Ted Daub, aka Bwana Daub to us students. He and his wife came to the States a few years ago after serving The Lord as missionaries for 30 years in Kenya. While here, Bwana taught missions classes and helped to start the Missions Prayer Bands here at MBBC that have so greatly impacted my life and helped to give me a more informed perspective on missions. Mrs. Daub worked in the Deans Office. In January 2007, they began deputation to go back to Kenya. Yesterday, they were supposed to be moving back to Pennsylvania (I spoke with both Mr. and Mrs. Daub two days ago at Menard's as they came to get a couple of last minute items before finishing packing to move to their new house in PA and then beginning their next series of deputation meetings until September). They are hoping, based on current happenings, to be at full support and go to Kenya in October. However, Bwana had a heart attack yesterday. I'm afraid I don't know much more than that, unfortunately. I searched MBBC's website and was unable to find anything regarding this prayer request. If you know any more details, please let me know. I would like to be able to pray more accurately for them.

Please pray for this dear man of God and his wife that this incident would not hinder them from being able to continue their deputation and go back to Kenya. Even while stateside, their heart has always been with the people of Kenya, and they earnestly desire to go back to the work there to see souls saved and discipled for Jesus Christ.


Noah said...

First time I've been able to check my email or Facebook and see if anyone had any updates on this prayer request. I love this man. Clearly, Bwana is trusting in the Lord through this.

"Ted Daub: May Be Home by Saturday -
- Ted Daub had a stint placed in his heart and is in ICU. They will do an EKG to determine the damage, but they think he may be home by Saturday. He is in good spirits, handing out tracts and teaching the hospital staff Swahili."

Noah said...

So, a whole bunch of us (Mudge, Nikki, Geo, and John- don't know his last name) were in Wal-Mart today, and we heard "Theodore Daub, please come to the pharmacy." We were like, "No, that can't be him here. It's got to be his wife. He would've just left the hospital." So, sure enough, we go walking over there, and no one was at the counter. So, Nikki wanted to look at hair dye, and we got over there and there was a rather strong smell- an A-1 bottle had broken. I said I'd go get someone to clean it up, so I walked back to the pharmacy. Needless to say, I forgot all about the broken A-1 bottle cause Bwana was standing at the pharmacy as the lady was explaining all his medication to him. We waited for him to finish (didn't want to scare him for obvious reasons), and when he turned around, he saw us all standing there a few feet away and sat down to talk. He said he'd be sending a prayer letter in the next few days, so I'll let him talk about it himself. Keep praying for him and his wife.