Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Young Missionaries- ARIBA Program Summer 2007

Many of you may have heard of the ARIBA program, hosted by the Baptist Mid-Missions mission board. In Lima, Peru, there is a "missionary home base" that allows for college students, like Titus and Amy, to gain first experience while truly seeing what foreign missions is all about. As you'll see if you visit their blogs, they are attending language school, as well as taking additional Bible classes (not sure if this is through the Seminary or not), and they work with local church planting missionaries. They will be delaying graduation by at least a year by doing all of this. What's the point, you ask? Simple: to understand first hand what foreign missionaries must go through to take the task of tending God's harvest field on foreign soil (as well as to find out what God's Will might be for them regarding future life time missions endeavors). Pray for them that not only God would use them on the mission field there in Lima to be a blessing to the pastors and witness to the communities they are in, but also pray that God would show them direction regarding their lifes' work.

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